Mystery, Romance, Humor & Dead People!



Former Pittsburgh Police officer Trudy Hicks has a new line of work, Ghost Hunting!  Trudy isn’t accepting cases to prove that ghosts exist, she knows they do! In fact, the first time she laid eyes on an apparition; she pulled out her gun and shot a hole through the side of her squad car.


Her mission is to discover why these spirits are in unrest! Following the evidence and partnering with esteemed Police Psychic and Clairvoyant Dana McCoy, to solve each cold case, and help these troubled spirits to rest in peace.


When Trudy lands her first big case with a makeshift team of investigators, she heads to a mansion on the Chicago Gold Coast. The home is being haunted by a previous resident Vanessa Holland: a wealthy socialite who lived there until she accidentally fell to her death in 1927. 


Upon arriving, Trudy learns that she has to share the investigation with sexy as hell, surveillance guru Jason Young, whose sole purpose is to debunk the chaos in the home as anything but ghostly. 


Trudy soon realizes that she may be in way over her head. The ghosts are becoming violent, the team is overwhelmed, and the sexual tension reaches a boiling point as Jason charms his way into her bed and her heart. Trudy must keep her focus on the case as the evidence, psychic journeys and spirit interaction, take them back to the opulent 1920's-where it will be revealed that Vanessa Holland’s life was riddled with love complications and that her death wasn't quite the accident that it seemed.


Can this tough ex-cop help these heartbroken souls cross over -or will her own tender heart be broken in the process.


— Johanna A

This book is an absolute winner! 


I love me a mystery/crime thriller and this book is a refreshing twist with the added ghost hunting factor. A former police officer now investigating ghosts and unsolved mysteries? Count me in! The author brilliantly blends a narrative between the present and past to uncover the mystery behind their investigation in Case 1: The Deceit. I couldn’t stop reading this book with all the suspense, humour and a side of flirty romance. I am in love with the badass, strong female main character, Trudy, and I can’t wait to learn more about her as the series progresses. I look forward to future ghost hunting cases and I would LOVE to see this as a tv series!

Hell exists. How do I know? I've been there.

Case three, Jason and I take our team to an antique store in the Big Easy where a Voodoo Queen ran a brothel until her untimely death in 1969.

While trying to make sense of this case, things get weird quick. Papa Legba shows up, demanding I deliver the queen’s soul to him by the new moon or else…

Then, to make matters worse, the Voodoo Queen outmaneuvers and forces me to find Obeah’s Veve in exchange for Jason's soul.

I am completely out of my element, but losing him is not an option. With the help of some badass witches, I find myself chasing the Veve into the darkest recesses of the Underworld.

Anyone who knows me understands that I will damn my soul for all eternity - before I give up on Jason.