Case Three-The Hex digital is on Sale for .99¢ for 2 days only!

Case Three-The Hex digital is on Sale for .99¢


Jason growled, “Trudy I’ll make love to you for hours, later but right now...” he gently set her on the bed and lifted her legs. “But right now, what Jason?” she hissed as his fingers caressed her and probed gently. He replaced his fingers with the tip of his erection. “This.” He thrust deeply inside her. “God, I want you.” Trudy’s body responded with the same frantic need as she wrapped her legs tightly around him. He coaxed her to lay flat on her back while he increased his rhythm, and his thrusts became harder and swifter. He steadied her with his hands wrapped about her bottom and eyes that never left hers. She cooed, as sensations raced through her. He was undone, pulled her upright and abruptly against his chest so he could penetrate even deeper and they both lost control. She let out a shout as he brought her to a swift orgasm while murmuring her name breathlessly against her temple. His arms wrapped tightly around her as her body trembled. She didn’t want him to ever let her go. After a few minutes, Jason whispered, “Are you all right?” She nodded and smiled against his neck. “I’m—” she stopped with a yelp when the door behind Jason opened. Sneaking a peek over his shoulder, Trudy saw the shocked faces of Doctor Pickens, a young nurses’ assistant and, of course, the profoundly smirking Leslie, standing right behind them. “There are people behind me, aren’t there? And they’re staring at my ass.” Trudy could only nod and giggle. “Ugh, Gertrude!” Dr. Pickens said in a voiced reflecting her irritation. “Get dressed. We’ll be back in ten minutes.”

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