Another teaser and some Monday Humor.

Trudy Hicks:Ghost Hunter

Case Two -The Kept release date May 28! Case One -The Deceit available on Amazon.


Several bottles of wine, a fridge full of beer, and a lot of pizza later, the group gathered to discuss the case. Trudy stood in front of a dry erase board, hoping it would help them connect the dots in solving the investigation.

Earlier, Dana had shared her journey, telling Johanna’s perspective of Betsy’s accident, then the disappearance of Mildred and how it destroyed the family.

Leslie’s dream seemed to confirm that Mildred’s disappearance was also caused by abduction.

Leslie was still quite upset that she couldn’t remember details she felt were important to the case. Dana assured her it would come; she just needed to relax.

Trudy sighed. Now they seemed to be way off track. She hiccupped and laughed, as Dana and Leslie were making it very difficult for her to concentrate on the case.

“Guys, it’s an arrow, not a penis.” She pointed to the dry erase board. This caused the duo to snicker then slide into uncontrollable giggles.

Trudy rolled her eyes. She gave up and drew a well-endowed rendition of the male anatomy over the dinky arrow she sketched earlier, giving Robert, the subject in question, a massive schlong. Dana fell out of her seat in a fit of laughter, and tears of mirth rolled down Leslie’s cheeks.

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