Yea, he made it known he wanted to be in The Damned- His presence was all about me yesterday and I knew what I had to write.

I mean, my ghost hunters are running amuck all over his woods.

Cheers to you, Dad!


Excerpt from The Damned

“Oh, would ya look at this?”

Trudy heard someone mumble

and opened her groggy eyes. The light blush of sunlight flickererd off the dewy leaves, and the heady aroma of the damp woodland carpet tickled her nose.

“What the Hell you doing here?”

Came the mocking voice again.

Twigs cracked under her as she rose to her elbows. She squinted her eyes against the intense glint of sunlight that swathed the man.

The smiling character leaned on a rusted nine iron. He wore a pair of faded bib overalls over a Pittsburgh Pirates sweatshirt that was too warm for a June morning. A bright orange hunting cap sat cockeyed on his head, and his luminous blue eyes twinkled with humor.

“I could ask you the same thing?” Trudy taunted and sat up.

The man shrugged and glanced about the clearing.

“This is my happy place.”

When he spoke, Trudy understood he was not of this realm and, more than likely, Joanne’s departed husband.

“Shouldn’t you be in Heaven?” Trudy had to ask.

“Welp.” He grinned. “Since those damn kids of mine never got me a bass boat , this about as close to Heaven as I can get—and besides...” he nodded over the hill toward Joanne's house.

“I have to keep an eye on the old girl — make sure she don't burn the house down.”

Trudy watched him tee up a large walnut and, with a wack of the golf club, sent it over the hill where it bounced off the metal roof of the carport below.

It made a loud boom that ricocheted off the hillside.

”That's how I wake her up every morning.” He cackled when Trudy scolded him.

“You’ll give her a heart attack!”

The grinning spirit shrugged again. “Nah, she’ll be all right.”

He hesitated and faded slightly before turning toward the trail that led to the house.

“I guess I better go check on her.”

With that, the apparition strolled away while humming a little tune.

He unexpectedly paused and nodded toward an area thick with brush and vines.

“Hey, your boyfriend there is laying in poison ivy—you better hope he's not allergic.”

He chuckled again and abruptly vanished.

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